SCUBA Diving

My Primary hobby outside of work is SCUBA Diving. I've dived at many sites in the Victoria/Port Phillip Bay area, as well as a couple of places in South Australia and Tasmania. Recently I visited the Great Barrier Reef. I was diving on the "Spoilsport" which left from Cairns, Queensland and visited several sites on and near the reef during six days of diving. The pictures here are a "best-of" for the trip.
I've tried to label them with reasonable accuracy. My field guide does not seem to have all of the species, though. If you see one that is incorrect, please e-mail me at the address on my main page with corrections. (Preferably with a pointer to a book page or a definitive website.)

Great Barrier Reef - First Page
Great Barrier Reef - Second Page
Great Barrier Reef - Third Page
Great Barrier Reef - Fourth Page
Great Barrier Reef - Fifth Page
Great Barrier Reef - Sixth Page

August 2007 update -- I now hold a TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression certification. I'm most of the way to a PADI Divemaster certification and I'm working on TDI Intro-Tri-Mix and Extended Range certification. Lately I've been diving the wrecks in the Victorian ship's graveyard. Sorry, not many photos from these dives.

January 2008 -- Diving off the Florieu Penninsula in South Australia. I finally got a photo of a leafy sea dragon. They're rare, if not endangered and have a much smaller range than the more common weedy sea dragon.

Rapid Bay, South Australia Photos

May 2008 -- finally finished the TDI Extended Range and Normoxic Tri-Mix course that I started in 2007. It always seems to take a while for these courses because it's a case of really needing to get it right. The fact that the local charter operations don't run many deep dives doesn't help a lot either.

I finally got the elusive "round tuit" and now have a small page of local Victorian dive photos as well as the Great Barrier Reef and South Australian photos. I'd like to think I've done a better job this time with thumbnails in the index clickable to display a larger photo.
Victorian Dive Photos

Last update 13 June 2008